Currency converters foreign exchange forex rates today 17 June 2011

Currency converters foreign exchange forex rates today 17 June 2011.

The rates below are updated every 15 minutes. If you are waiting for a specific forex rate please register for forex rate watch with your dealer, who will contact you when it is achieved.

Pairing Currency pairs Rates
GBP/AUD British Pound/Australian Dollar 1.5238
GBP/CAD British Pound/Canadian Dollar 1.5845
GBP/CZK British Pound/Czech Koruna 27.3100
GBP/DKK British Pound/Danish Krone 8.4493
GBP/EUR British Pound/Euro 1.1325
GBP/HKD British Pound/Hong Kong Dollar 12.6130
GBP/HUF British Pound/Hungarian Forint 302.5700
GBP/INR British Pound/Indian Rupee 72.6070
GBP/JPY British Pound/Japanese Yen 129.9270
GBP/MUR British Pound/Mauritius Rupees 44.2350
GBP/MAD British Pound/Moroccan Dirham 12.4810
GBP/NZD British Pound/New Zealand Dollar 2.0000
GBP/NOK British Pound/Norwegian Krone 8.9072
GBP/PLN British Pound/Poland Zlotych 4.4877
GBP/RON British Pound/Romanian Leu 4.7783
GBP/SGD British Pound/Singapore Dollar 1.9983
GBP/ZAR British Pound/South African Rand 10.9816
GBP/SEK British Pound/Swedish Kroner 10.3968
GBP/CHF British Pound/Swiss Franc 1.3711
GBP/THB British Pound/Thai Baht 49.3870
GBP/AED British Pound/UAE Dirham 5.9180
GBP/USD British Pound/US Dollar 1.6176

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