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Currency converters foreign exchange rates service is the market leader in the provision of foreign exchange services. You will get exchange rates normally only available to large companies. Don’t just take our word for it- the Financial Mail on Sunday survey finds our service to be best forex exchange rate provider:

Mail On Sunday

Our service includes:
No Commission Fees.
Free Transfer on transactions over £5,000.
Better Exchange Rates. We use the volume of our transactions to obtain wholesale rates from the worlds’ markets and pass these savings onto you.
Dedicated Dealer. You will be assigned a dedicated dealer who will understand your needs and explain your options to you in plain English.
Range of Services. Whether you need your foreign money in 24 hours or 24 months, we have a wide range of foreign exchnage instruments to meet your needs.
Going the Extra Mile. To add further value we have strategic alliances with 1200 companies.
Commitment to Excellence. We strive to provide a service with emphasis on exceeding expectations and developing long term client relationships.

Our service was established with the sole aim of breaking the traditional stranglehold that some of the larger financial institutions had in the market. As an indiviual or a corporate client you will have a dedicated dealer who will provide customised information to keep them updated on relevant market movement and activity. Clients have access to various tools in the market such as Forwards, Time options, Limit Orders and so forth. Having access to such tools is one thing and having a full understanding of how these tools can be utilised to their fullest is another thing all together. Our clients have access to both. We do not discriminate between a £10,000 deal or a deal of over £1 million. All deals are all treated with the same importance.

Our service is the market leader in providing individuals and corporations with a cost-saving alternative to the high street bank to meet their foreign exchange requirements. Almost ten years ago, we recognised that clients with commercial foreign exchange needs could be better served by an organisation in a position to trade currencies in bulk and pass the cost savings on to the client, rather than by a high street bank that would not be able to secure such rates in a small to medium sized transaction.

Our aim is to provide a simple, courteous and cost-effective service to those clients. As we have grown through the years, our aims have not changed, and today we service the needs of thousands of clients in several areas of the foreign exchange market. From private clients buying property abroad to corporate clients with ongoing foreign exchange requirements, we strive to exceed expectations with excellent services and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

What some of our clients have said about our services:

The opening of accounts and close contact for exchange rates has meant I have achieved a far better exchange rate than was expected. I would have no hesitation to recommend your company to others and look forward to many more dealings in the future.”- Mr JH. of Hong Kong.

“Thank you- despite the time differences, our money was transferred from our UK bank account to our Australian bank account within 48 hours of contacting you- and we saved considerably on the exchange rates, thanks.”- Mr & Mrs AJ. of Australia.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed at all times

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