Regular Foreign Exchange

Regular foreign exchange transfers

In today’s global business environment many companies and individuals find themselves in a position where they have to make regular foreign currency transfers. Whether paying the salaries of staff in a subsidiary office, making monthly payments to suppliers or covering operating costs in another country, or overseas pensions, mortgages, salaries – whatever your reason for making regular transfers our Overseas Regular Transfer Plan can save you money!

However, we can offer you an overseas regular transfer service that can save businesses both time and money. By utilising a Direct Debit this service is able to simplify the process of making regular transfers. Each month the specified amount is automatically taken by Direct Debit and transferred at the best possible rate to the nominated beneficiary.

By allowing us to handle your overseas regular transfers you remove the hassle (and reduce the cost); meaning that each month you (or your staff) have more time to concentrate on other tasks.

Key benefits
* Commercial rates on all amounts
* Save both time & money through the use of a direct debit
* Available in all major currencies
* Free transfers
* No commission charges

For amounts of currency over £4,000, $5,000 or €5,000 please call 0845 389 3000 and ask for a no obligation, free consultation with the exclusive Wise Money business forex service or complete the online enquiry form

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