Individuals Exchange Services

Foreign Exchange Solutions for Individuals- Regular Transfer Plan

Pay less, receive more, it’s that simple. Whether you need to pay an overseas mortgage, transfer your UK company pension abroad or even just send money to cover your living expenses, Currencies Direct can save you money by setting up a monthly Direct Debit. We can completely remove the hassle and time from your payments.

Free Regular International Money Wire Transfer Services

  • Free transfers
  • No hidden cost in the exchange rate!
  • No commission
  • Low monthly amount
  • Peace of mind

Regular Transfer Savings Calculator

Use our savings calculator to see how much you could be saving by switching to Currencies Direct now.

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See how Currencies Direct can help when you make regular money transfers overseas

Free overseas money transfers. Most banks typically change between £10 and £40 on every month transfer. We feel strongly that you shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege of sending your money overseas – that’s why we offer free overseas money transfers.

No hidden cost in the foreign exchange rate!. On Small amounts a bank will normally use a tourist rate, this is quite similar to the forex rate you would receive when purchasing your travel money at a bureau de change. Currencies direct offer commercial foreign exchange rates on all regular money transfers overseas, giving you more and costing you less.

No commission. There is also no commission charge when making regular international money transfers abroad through Currencies Direct, regardless of the amount.

Low minimum amount. The minimum amounts can be as low as £150 for monthly international transfers and £400 for quarterly transfers.

Peace of mind. Once you have set up your Overseas Regular Transfer Plan you can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that each month your money will automatically be taken by Direct Debit and transferred to your chosen account – so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Would you like to save over £670 a year on your overseas regular transfers?

For example, a typical monthly international transfer of £800 to Euros through Currencies Direct with no fees, no commission and great foreign money exchange rates compared to a typical high street bank will save you….

Savings over Exchange rate saving fee & commission saving total saving
1 year £179 £492 £671
2 year £357 £984 £1,341
3 year £536 £1,476 £2,012
4 year £714 £1,968 £2,682
5 year £893 £2,460 £3,353

* Figures are for illustration and based on actual foreign exchange rates and fees as of 11th October 2007

Total savings based on Currencies Direct forex rate of 1.435 compared to a high street bank exchange rate of 1.408, 2% commission and £25 transfer fee.

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