Everyone Is Welcome

Forex services for everyone- businesses, travelers, holidaymakers

Anyone, Anywhere! We do not discriminate, be it a £10,000 or £ 1 million deal. Everyone is treated with the same importance. We know that talk is cheap, but so is a phone call, so if we don’t beat your bank, don’t use us!

Our foreign exchange services are now available to travellers, investors and businesses- anyone who is looking to transfer funds from one currency to another- for any reason. Many of our clients are now using our services to help them with buying cars, houses, yachts even with monthly payments like mortgages and pensions; and investments- like hotels, guest houses and refinancing factories, offices and commercial properties. We regularly undercut the fees that banks charge for changing currencies- so why not see how much you can save on your currency transactions?

Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have never been afforded the same level and depth of service enjoyed by some of the larger corporations in the market place. Our corporate customers have a dedicated dealer who will on a tailor-made basis keep them informed and updated on relevant market movement and activity. Customers have access to various tools in the market such as Forwards, Time options, Limit Orders and so forth. All easily explained to you with a straightforward way of helping you to conduct your business profitably.

For amounts of currency over £4,000, $5,000 or €5,000 please just complete the simple, secure form at our currency converter
You will be assigned a dedicated dealer who will guide you throughout your transaction. There are three types of deals you can book. A “Spot deal” for those who want to change currency and send it abroad within a few days. A “forward option” guarantees a rate for future purchase and payment. And finally, a “limit order” is executed when the exchange rate reaches a level that you want. We will buy on your behalf and contact you immediately (these deals can also be “fused” as in “spot limit” or “forward limit”).

For your online cash currency converter please click here now for cash deliveries in the UK of less than £4,000, $5,000 or €5,000
Our travel money service allows you to securely order foreign currencies and travellers cheques at unbeatable rates as well as zero commission. Your travel money will be safely delivered to your home or place of work by the next working day. Please note, we can only deliver to the card holder’s billing address or place of work. L
et our speedy next working day delivery service to take over to assure your money arrives at your door safely.

Place your order before 2.00pm and your money will be delivered by fully insured special delivery by 5.30pm the next working day. Please note: Orders received before 2.00 pm on Friday will be delivered the following Monday. Orders received after 2.00 pm Friday or placed on Saturday and Sunday, will be delivered the following Tuesday. Special arrangements for Bank Holidays will be advertised on the site at the time.

There is absolutely no service fee or commission on the transaction. There is a £3.95 handling fee to cover the cost of the delivery. Payment can be made securely over the Internet with any card bearing the Switch, Delta, Visa, MasterCard logo or by cheque, chaps, swift or cash.

For amounts of currency over £4,000, $5,000 or €5,000 please just complete the simple, secure form at our currency converter

For your online cash currency converter please click here now for cash deliveries in the UK of less than £4,000, $5,000 or €5,000

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