Apr 27 2010

Currency converters foreign exchange forex rates 27 April 2010

Currency converters forex rates 27 April

Pairing Currency pairs Rates
GBP/AUD British Pound / Australian Dollars 1.6652
GBP/CAD British Pound / Canadian Dollars 1.5420
GBP/CZK British Pound / Czech Koruna 29.2570
GBP/DKK British Pound / Danish Krone 8.5675
GBP/EUR British Pound / Euro 1.1513
GBP/HKD British Pound / Hong Kong Dollar 11.9380
GBP/HUF British Pound / Hungarian Forint 304.2900
GBP/INR British Pound / Indian Rupee 68.3880
GBP/JPY British Pound / Japanese Yen 144.2900
GBP/MUR British Pound / Mauritius Rupees 45.6420
GBP/MAD British Pound / Moroccan Dirham 12.7410
GBP/NZD British Pound / New Zealand Dollar 2.1361
GBP/NOK British Pound / Norwegian Krone 9.0302
GBP/PLN British Pound / Poland Zloty 4.4838
GBP/RON British Pound / Romanian Leu 4.7331
GBP/SGD British Pound / Singapore Dollar 2.1061
GBP/ZAR British Pound / South African Rand 11.3282
GBP/SEK British Pound / Swedish Kroner 11.0235
GBP/CHF British Pound / Swiss Franc 1.6532
GBP/THB British Pound / Thai Baht 49.5800
GBP/AED British Pound / UAE Dirham 5.6592
GBP/USD British Pound / US Dollar 1.5384

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